The Cottage of Pen and Play opens it’s doors!

Salutations and well met. Welcome to the Cottage of Pen and Play!

This is a project that has long been in the making, ever since I came up with the dream of gathering many of my favorite stories under one roof. And not just those from that traveling rogue, the Nimrodellian Tale Spinner, but from anyone who had a story to tell that captured my fancy.

So I wrote letters to those friends who were close and pigeons to those who were farther away, telling them of the place that I was preparing for them. From many different places they came and we all sat around the hearth fire and shared many of our best tales and songs amongst ourselves. Some of those stories are available to be viewed now and some will be told in time.

You may find that you have read many of these old tales, but some may be new to you and that is the purpose of the Cottage. And the members are always working on new tales to tell when evening descends and the time of recollection is upon us.

Tales of the Cottage contains the short fiction and one sitting stories that many of you have heard at Ales and Tales and other events.

If instead you have a taste for longer ongoing epics, Sagas of Middle Earth is for you.

Music and Mayhem is the place for all of the great member-made music and lyrics as well as pictures and any other silliness we can think of.

Walk up the Scholar’s Stair to find articles of a more learned and informative nature.

And finally The Library is where the Cottage keeps it’s archive, a handy place to find your favorite author or story.

Right now we are featuring the latest from Kaleigh’s sweeping epic The Spirit Gauntlet here

A tale from Rordriel entitled Thorin’s Glare.

A scholarly article by Doviel How to RP an Elf

And a musical narrative featuring the work of several Cottage members called An Eastern Song.

So pull up a chair by the fire and enjoy! And be sure to come back often to check for new tales and songs, we shall be sure to save you a seat.


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