The Tower on the Hill

On the hill of Túna there sat the city of Tirion, shining and bright. And in the middle of the city in a tower tall and majestic, Finwë, king of the Noldor, looked out into the ever-light of Aman. With arms folded behind him, he looked down at the great city the Eldar had built since they had arrived in the Blessed Realm. But always like a moth to a flame, his gaze was drawn ever so often to the subtle mingling of silver and gold light that emanated from the Two Trees. Ever they had called to him since he first laid eyes on them a long time ago, and now they soothed the sadness of his soul.

A sound broke him from his meditations and Finwë smiled to hear the playing of his son in the background. Fëanor was only a small child but already he had started to echo the gifts of his mother for creating things of fineness and skill. Now, he was taking the small gems the Noldor had dug out and shaped, and was building a little tower in imitation of his father’s current abode. Finwë turned back to his musings, but now all he could think about was Míriel.

They had wed not long after the Eldar had arrived on the shores of the Blessed Realm and the elves laid eyes on the splendor the Valar had preserved there. It was the first time the Eldar laid their eyes on the beauty of the Two Tree’s, but it was not the first time for Finwë. He it was, along with his friends Ingwe and Elwë, who first saw the golden light of Laurelin and the glory that was silver Telperion in a time now past.

The three of them had been summoned by the Valar to witness the beauty of the land they had created for the nurturing of the elves and so that they would return and convince their people to make a great journey hence. Finwë returned to his brethren with the light of Aman in his face and they wished to follow him back to that far away paradise.

But most pleased was he to receive the attentions of one Míriel Serindë for there had been much affection between the two in the past. Hand in hand they willed their people ever on, until once again Finwë stepped upon those distant shores.

But the journey was not without its sadness, for his good friend Elwë had been lost upon the road and some of his people were sundered from the rest in search of their king. Often, as he looked out his tower, Finwë wondered what had become of his companion and whether they would ever meet again. Finwë felt a tug on his robe and looked down to see Fëanor, gazing up at him with his inquisitive eyes. He picked him up and held him to his arms, hoping to dispel the loneliness in his heart.

For not long after Fëanor had been born, Míriel had released her spirit from the weariness of the world, spent from putting many sons’ essences into this one. Finwë had begged her to stay, sought out the aid of the powers in returning her vigor and will to live, but it was all for naught. She withered away until amidst all of the happiness and wonder of Aman, only Finwë felt alone. For a long time afterward in the gardens of Irmo, he sat beside the body of his beloved and wished for her return.

But Míriel never returned and Finwë felt a great sadness of being that he could not allay. With one final hug, he put young Fëanor back on the ground and returned him to his play. The child returned to his bejeweled tower, which had by now reached an impressive height. Finwë managed a brief smile as he watched his son build, hoping that he would be able to raise his child, the only living memory of Míriel, by himself.

Often he wondered if he should remarry, as some in his court hoped to persuade him, and perhaps dispel the unending melancholy that troubled him these days. It would be nice, he admitted to himself, to have someone to once again share in the wonders of Aman and in the raising of the King’s son to his full stature.

Like Fëanor’s tower of jewels, they would guide the Noldor in many great works of beauty and magnificence under the auspices of the Powers of the World. Who knew to what heights the two of them might raise their towers together?

Suddenly with one hand Fëanor brought his tower down to the ground. The act disturbed Finwë for reasons that he could not understand.


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