Gone fishing!

Greetings once again, friends!

Much time has passed since we last met. I had planned to stay in Bree, but I soon realized that my journey could not end there. I came to the Shire, but I still felt restless when I tried to stay for a time. These were places that I had seen, or I had at least heard of before. I needed to go further, to a new place, to start a new life.

I traveled further west and north, to the Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains. What a sight to behold they were, reaching to the sky with all of their might and majesty as I approached them! I wound my way through the Vale of Thrain, as kind passers-by told me it was named, and to the very hall of Thorin. I had rarely ever seen any of the dwarves before, mostly while on family trips to Bree-town. They are a kindhearted people, though maybe a little gruff at first meeting, I was told. Perhaps they sensed my sorrow, for they have gone out of their way to greet me and make me feel welcome, a kindness that I hope to repay once I have recovered a bit.

After a brisk walk through a little snow, I returned to the Hall and was heading to the pub to warm up before the fire, when I saw two dwarves engaged in a sport I had never thought to be seen indoors! I was honored to make their acquaintance, and we visited for quite a while (but not too loudly, they warned, for fear of scaring the fish, even at such a great height!)

With Light,


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