Imbued ‘Legendary’ Items – Tips, Tricks, and a Guide to the ‘Grind’


Greetings, everyone πŸ™‚

Surely you have heard the news, yes? The Forge-masters of these lands, with whom we have toiled year after year only to tread water, have had a breakthrough of legendary proportions! No longer must we cast aside our shinies and forge others anew when new trainings are available to us! Yay! πŸ™‚

Through the process of Imbuement, the Forge-masters are now able to grow our legendary items with us! And they promise to continue to do so, even as we venture further and further across Middle-earth and to what we hope will be our ultimate victory over the evils of this time.

Sounds wonderful, yes? Well, there is a cost to doing so, and it is no small thing, I can assure you. However, the power that imbuement gifts our items is no small thing, either. There are also new edicts regarding how our efforts in battling the foe are rewarded which greatly help with meeting that cost.

Some time ago, I wrote an article regarding our ‘legendary’ items and how to make the most of them. While much of what I wrote still holds true, the change in our items brought about by the imbuement process is both irrevocable and extreme. So, a new article is in order! πŸ™‚

I have always wanted to have a sticker for my Gamble-scouting forged but put it off, knowing it would not see much use and that I would have to forge a new one after a time. But no longer!

As with the previous guide, we will go step-by-step through the process of working up a legendary item, from beginning to end. But, this time, we will do so with the end result of imbuement in mind.

Remember, this one is for keeps! Let’s get started πŸ™‚

A. Dress Rehearsal

Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Sapience?

So, here we are in Dol Amroth, where I am speaking with the Forge-master of the city. If you ask any Forge-master about the imbuing process, they will speak to the great power that imbuement will grant an item. They will also give fair warning that some of the item’s legacies may be changed and that, once done, imbuement cannot be undone. Finally, they will give a critical warning to be sure your weapon is as sharp as it can be made before you choose to imbue it. We will cover all of this in just a bit.

However, before we consider imbuing something we mean to keep forever, why not take advantage of the fact that any item of 100 trainings can be imbued, no matter its age, nor how much (or little) effort has been invested into it?

This way, we can learn a bit about the imbuing process with no lasting consequence other than the loss of an ordinary ‘legendary’ item of the third age. I brought along a mace for just this purpose, so let us see what happens!

The beginning of our journey…

When you tell the Forge-master that you wish to imbue an item, he will show you all the items you hold for which imbuement is an option. You are able to choose which one you wish to look at by using the ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ arrows on either side of the item displayed.

Here is the one we wish to use! Let us choose to have him imbue it and see what happens!



That was quite an experience! You will notice that the item you have just imbued will disappear from the Forge-master’s window, for it is now changed forever.

If we go and have a look at our newly-imbued item in our Legendary Item window, we will see something like this…

Newly Imbued!

To give an idea of the possible power imbuement can grant to an item, we can take a look at each of the legacies on this mace…

Very shiny!

Comparing the highest potential for each of these legacies pre-imbuement and post-imbuement:

  • Surprise Strike Critical Rating: +1,496 Critical Rating to +3,900 Critical Rating
  • Critical Response Skill Damage: From +10% Damage to +15.6% Damage
  • Small Snag/Quite a Snag Damage: From +25% Damage to +39% Damage

It looks like the potential power of each legacy after imbuement is nearly once and a half again over what is possible before imbuing. Imbuement looks quite promising, no? πŸ™‚

Now, to create our master plan for the last and final legendary items we will ever work up…

B. Determine the legacies you wish your item to have at journey’s end

By finding our item in the Legendary Item window as before and choosing the Replace Legacy option (in the lower left corner), we can see not only the legacies currently on the item but also which legacies it can potentially acquire as well…

Options, options, options…

The legacies to the right of the window are the legacies available to the item but not currently on it. These can be examined more closely by mousing over them, just like in the other windows.

You will likely notice that there are some legacies that you do not recognize from before. The Forge-masters have found new legacies to bestow to our items upon imbuing, some of which are very powerful!

You might also notice that some of the legacies on your current items may not appear to be available to those items upon imbuement (and some legacies on your current items might have even been changed into new legacies without imbuing them). Unfortunately, with knowledge learned, some is also lost it seems. For the most part, however, the imbuement process is a great step forward. In fact…

,,,have you noticed that there seems to be no distinguishing between Major and Minor legacies in the Replace Legacy window? That is because, upon imbuement, a legacy is just a legacy, and the distinction between Major and Minor legacies has fallen away! This is a tremendous boon, as we needn’t worry over such things with items that have been imbued. We can freely choose whichever legacies we want, with no restriction. We can choose to have up to all seven of the legacies be what used to be considered ‘Major’ legacies now!

Of course, the Major/Minor legacy restriction still holds for items pre-imbuement, and we may run into that hurdle before the end. But for now, let us pick the seven legacies we most want if we were able to do so with no restrictions. Looking over the legacies, I think I will choose for my sticker:

  • Burglar Bleed Damage
  • Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier
  • Critical Response Skill Damage
  • Cunning Attack Bleed Damage
  • Harmful Gamble Damage
  • Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage
  • Stat (Agility) Legacy – do not miss those at the end of the list!

C. Determine which pre-imbuement legacies will match up with those you want post-imbuement

Once we have chosen the legacies we would like for our item, we now need to determine which legacies will lead us toward that goal! While this may seem straightforward at first glance, some legacies change into different legacies upon imbuing, and we need to determine which of those we might need…

Why must you always be so difficult? πŸ™‚

Thankfully, there is a wonderful resource to help with this task! At this place, you can choose which class you wish to examine at the top of the window. You will then see four columns:

A window of knowledge…

  • In the far right column, you will see which legacies were lost forever when Imbuement first was discovered by the Forge-masters. While these powers are forever lost to us as legacies
  • They have instead been given back to us as constant, passive abilities! (though not always as powerful as the fully-developed legacies in some cases). These passive traits are listed in the column just to the left of the far-right column, next to the discontinued legacy.
  • In the two leftmost columns, you can find each Traditional legacy (pre-imbuement) and what that legacy will become upon imbuement. Most will remain the same, but any with a blue and yellow background are legacies that undergo a change.

With this list, we can now determine which legacies we will need on our item pre-imbuement, so that it will turn out as we want it to post-imbuement! I will add these legacies to our list so we can keep track of them (pre-imbument legacy listed first):

  • Burglar Bleed Damage – Burglar Bleed Damage
  • Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier – Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier
  • Critical Response Skill Damage – Critical Response Skill Damage
  • Cunning Attack Bleed Damage – Cunning Attack Bleed Damage
  • Harmful Gamble Damage – Harmful Gamble Damage
  • Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage – Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage
  • Stat (Agility) – Stat (Agility)

Well, that is a bit disappointing, actually. I was hoping that at least one of these would undergo a change upon imbuement for illustration purposes. They certainly did with my scouting kits!

What is important to know as far as this goes is that, once we begin to work up our item and have to make choices regarding which legacies to choose upon reforging, be sure to choose the legacies that will eventually become the ones you want post-imbuement!

D. One final check before we begin!

Before we finally have our item identified and begin the process that will make it shiny, there is one last thing to consider. Our item will still be under the pre-imbuement rules before we are able to imbue it. Therefore, we need to make sure we will be able to place each of the pre-imbuement legacies upon it while under the Major/Minor legacy restrictions.

To do that, let us add whether the pre-imbuement legacies we are seeking are Major or Minor legacies to our list…

  • (Major) Burglar Bleed Damage – Burglar Bleed Damage
  • (Minor) Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier – Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier
  • (Major) Critical Response Skill Damage – Critical Response Skill Damage
  • (Major) Cunning Attack Bleed Damage – Cunning Attack Bleed Damage
  • (Minor) Harmful Gamble Damage – Harmful Gamble Damage
  • (Minor) Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage – Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage
  • (Minor) Stat (Agility) – Stat (Agility)

With only three Major legacies, we will have no issues, thankfully! This has been true for every item I have imbued to this point. If you find you need four or more Major pre-imbument legacies, there are a few tricks that may help:

  • A Crystal of Remembrance will grant your item an additional Major legacy (pre-imbuement) or unlock an available legacy slot (post-imbuement)
  • During your first three reforges (Levels 10, 20 and 30), if you are given the option of adding a Major legacy, you might wish to do so, even if it is not the exact legacy for which you were hoping. Remember, Minor legacies cannot be swapped for Major legacies, but Major legacies can be swapped for either!
  • As a last resort, there are ways to swap legacies post-imbuement which we will cover later πŸ™‚

E. The time has come…

We are now ready to begin working up our item! However, we will need to make decisions on how to proceed as we go. Those decisions will be based upon which method you prefer regarding gathering resources for legendary items, whether through toil in these lands, or by purchasing things from the Store.

I will discuss all of these choices as we go, but now it is time to have our blade appraised!

Fates, be kind…

Not so bad, not so good…

Looking at our list above, we did get one of the legacies we were hoping for, and at Tier 5, which is very nice! Unfortunately, the other two legacies, while of a high tier, are not ones for which we were hoping.

Now, let us proceed with our next three reforges. Remember, the first three reforges (levels 10, 20, and 30) will allow us to choose one of two random legacies to gift to our item…


We were given one of the legacies we wanted! Although it is only set at Tier 3, this will save us from having to work through another item to get a replacement scroll for the Harmful Gamble legacy, and it also is a tier higher than a replacement scroll provides (Tier 2).

Did you notice that the other option offered was a Major legacy? If you do not know whether a legacy is major or minor from memory, you can always tell by the color of the circle around its tier symbol (Gold circles are Major legacies, Grey are Minor legacies). Being offered a Major legacy upon reforging an item is quite rare (maybe a 10% chance or so). Had I needed extra major legacies for this item, I would have instead chosen the major legacy, even over the other being one we wanted.

Our luck is turning…

Unfortunately, neither of these legacies was one we wanted, so which we choose does not matter much. The Subtle Stab legacy is of a higher tier and also one I would want more, so I will choose that one.

So close, yet so far…

While both of these legacies are ones we wanted, both are set to the replacement level (Tier 2), so all they really do is save us a bit of extra work. Since I already have a replacement scroll for the Critical Chain Skills legacy with me, I will choose to keep the Lucky and Gambler’s Strike legacy, instead.

A decent beginning!

So, this is how our item currently stands. Of the six legacies currently on the item, three are ones we want, which is a good start! From here on out, the main thing we have left to decide is which method we want to use to switch out the remaining legacies we do not want for those which we do want. And to make those decisions wisely, there are a few aspects of imbued items we need to go over.

If we look back at our imbued mace…

Locks and unlocks…

…we can see fractions to the side of the legacies on the item. The number on the left is the current tier of that legacy, while the number on the right is the maximum tier currently available to us for that legacy. Each of these legacies also displays the Mithril Coin icon, which means there are some tiers that we have yet to unlock. You can mouse over each legacy to get more detail on this as well…

Very shiny!

So, it appears that, as of this writing, the highest possible tier for imbued legacies is 35. It also appears that, currently, 25 of those tiers are available from the beginning, while 10 more tiers somehow need to be ‘unlocked’. Lastly, it looks like we have, somehow, unlocked two of these tiers already! Yay! πŸ™‚

The reason for this is…

  • When you first imbue a legendary item, each legacy will unlock a number of tiers equal to its pre-imbuement tier minus 1.

So, if your legacy is at Tier 6 pre-imbuement, 5 of the 10 locked tiers will immediately be unlocked for us. We definitely want to have high tiers on our pre-imbuement legacies if we can!

However, it is also true that…

  • Legacy replacement scrolls do not work on items once they are imbued. The only two ways to swap legacies on an item once it is imbued is through the Replace Legacy window (at the cost of 50 Mithril Coins), or by the use of an Imbued Legacy Replacement Scroll (at the cost of 500 Turbine Points in the Store)

While it was said during one of the livestreams of the Overlords that these Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls would likely become available for barter in game at some point, this has yet to happen. The only way to earn them in game currently is through questing in Eastern Gondor, where you can come upon three of them (four if you also complete the Ashes and Stars quest chain which involves completing the Osgiliath instances). Scrolls acquired through questing are bound to that character.

The good news with replacing legacies post-imbuement through these methods is that whatever tiers of that legacy have been unlocked remain unlocked for the new legacy as well. There is no losing ground in that regard.

Lastly, we know that using a legacy replacement scroll on a legacy pre-imbuement will set that legacy’s tier to 2, which is low. So, looking at our item once more…

Decisions, decisions…

If you know that you will only ever imbue and use one legendary weapon and one legendary class item, and you are pretty confident that you will never want to change legacies in the future, you may wish to leave unwanted legacies of higher tier on your item until after you have it imbued and then swap those legacies post-imbuement. This is especially true if you have the 3 or 4 Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls from questing. This will save you a number of Scrolls of Empowerment later on, depending on how high the tier of your legacy is.

Some may wish to do a bit of both, using some Imbued Legacy Replacement Scrolls for the legacies with very high tiers, while also swapping out lower tiered legacies with replacement scrolls pre-imbument. It really comes down to your personal preference and how you wish to go about things.

As for me, I plan to have a weapon and item combination for each of my three fighting styles, so I used up all my scrolls ages ago! Therefore, it is the old method for me πŸ™‚

F. Making use of our free Scrolls of Empowerment

This section will be very similar to the same section in the previous guide. Remember any reforges after level 30 for your item (Levels 40, 50, 60, and 70 with the use of a Scroll of Delving) allow you to raise the tier of one of two randomly selected legacies from your item. We do not want to raise the tier of unwanted legacies, so now is the time to swap those undesired legacies for those that are wanted!

First, I will use a Crystal of Remembrance to add an additional Major legacy slot to my item. These can be bought in the Store, found as treasure in instances, and one can also earned as a reward in the Epic Quest line in Eastern Gondor.

Crystals of Remembrance are very nice!

There we are!

Now that we have our seven legacies available, it is time to begin swapping for the ones we want! I like to swap in the Minor legacies I want first, using up all the minor legacies slots on the item at the start. The reason for this is to make sure you do not run out of the number of Major legacy slots you will need for the Major legacies you want. Once you switch a Major legacy to a Minor legacy, you can never switch it back to a Major.

Looking at our desired legacy list (bolded legacies are those already on the item)…

  • (Major) Burglar Bleed Damage – Burglar Bleed Damage
  • (Minor) Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier – Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier
  • (Major) Critical Response Skill Damage – Critical Response Skill Damage
  • (Major) Cunning Attack Bleed Damage – Cunning Attack Bleed Damage
  • (Minor) Harmful Gamble Damage – Harmful Gamble Damage
  • (Minor) Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage – Lucky and Gambler’s Strike Damage
  • (Minor) Stat (Agility) – Stat (Agility)

We have two Minor legacies left to swap in: Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier and the Agility legacy. And there is just one unwanted Minor legacy on our item, that being the Subtle Stab Critical Damage legacy. So, I will take my replacement scroll for the Critical Chain Skills Critical Multiplier legacy I mentioned that I already have and swap it for the Subtle Stab legacy…


At this point, we can now safely swap in the rest of the legacies we want without worrying about the Major legacy limit. Just be careful to choose the right legacies when you are swapping them out! πŸ™‚

Remember, any legacy stat scroll, like the Agility legacy we want, can be obtained from a Relic-master through the process of Melding. The cost, as of this writing, is 1,886 shards. You can earn around 3,000 shards per week just by crafting relics for your guild-master and then Refining them into shards.

After doing so, our item now stands like this…

We are getting close!

Every single legacy we wanted is now on our item! Now, when we do our last four reforges, there will never be a poor choice of legacy for which to raise its tier!

Now, I will apply a Anfalas Scroll of Delving to the item…

This will allow for an extra reforge at level 70. Also, a Scroll of Delving will unlock one tier for each of your item’s legacies post-imbument (and will carry over and do so even if you apply the scroll pre-imbuement!). So, only good things will come to us by using one now πŸ™‚

Next, it is time to raise the item’s level to 70 with the Item Experience runes I have been saving. It is always good to hold onto such things for when you need them!

It will not matter in the long run which legacies you choose to raise the tier for during your reforging, if you mean to raise them all to the maximum over time. If you do not have the resources to raise them all right away, I would choose to raise the tiers of legacies you consider the most powerful.

Having done this, the item now stands like so…

Not bad at all

The four reforges we just did have the same effect as 4 free Scrolls of Empowerment which really help out! Each of those gives us a free tier unlock upon imbuing, and we are just about to do so! We have only two things left to consider. First…

  • While Star-lit Crystals may be applied to items either pre-imbuement or post-imbuement, any non-percentage based passive traits on the item will gain a slight benefit from applying the crystals pre-imbuement

This will not affect my sticker, as it lacks passive traits, but many items do have such traits, like this Scouting kit…

In this case, the Incoming Healing rating will benefit, ever so slightly, from applying the 3 Star-lit Crystals allowed before imbuement. Two-handed weapons and many class items have passive traits that benefit in this way as well. It would certainly not be the end of the world to imbue your item before you are able to place 3 crystals into it, but every little bit helps! πŸ™‚

I will go ahead and do that now…


We are so close! There is just one last thing to do. I mentioned the warning the Forge-master gave when I spoke to him at the beginning of this journey about imbuing. I will have him repeat it now, in his own voice…

Bluster, bluster, bluster… πŸ™‚

In the end, all this will do is save us a bit of Item-XP once we imbue our item, but we may as well go ahead and do so now. You likely have already done so if you are imbuing an item that you already had developed before imbuing became an option to us.

If you have spent all the points on your item and do not have enough to fully rank up your DPS legacy, your points will reset when applying a Star-lit Crystal. You can also use a Scroll of Renewal to reset your points. These are earned whenever you deconstruct a legendary item that has had its level raised to 31 or higher, and they can also be melded by a Relic-master for 944 Shards.

I will rank up the sharpness of my sticker now and also raise some of the other legacies one last time for nostalgia’s sake. After imbuing, the limitation of points will be gone forever… πŸ™‚

A backward glance…

A final checklist of tasks before Imbuing your item (for future reference)…

  • Determine which legacies you want on your item in its final state
  • Determine which legacies you will need to obtain pre-imbuement in order to have your desired legacies post-imbuement (they are not always the same!)
  • Determine if you will run into the Major legacy restriction pre-imbuement and, if so, take steps to work around it (Crystal of Remembrance, Choosing Major legacies upon reforging). If there is no work around, you will have to swap for that legacy post-imbuement
  • Have your item identified and the first three reforges done, keeping in mind which legacies to select for the end result you desire
  • Apply a Scroll of Delving to your item
  • Swap out whichever legacies you do not want for those that you do, with the end result you desire in mind (Be sure to leave yourself enough Major legacy slots for all those legacies!)
  • Work through your remaining reforges (up to Level 70)
  • Apply 3 Star-lit crystals, if you have them and want the slight but permanent bonuses from them
  • Be sure your DPS legacy is fully ranked (I do this with both weapons and class items, fully ranking whatever its inherent legacy is, just in case)
  • Imbue!

Take one last look! One word to the Forge-master and our item will be forever changed!

G. Imbuement


Let us see what we ended up with…

A new journey beckons…

And there we are! At this point, all of our decision-making is done, and our role changes to that of the hunter-gatherer. πŸ™‚

Let us take a look at what we will need to fully complete our item!

Very Sharp!

For the legacy inherent to the item (DPS in this case), we are at Tier 17, out of a current maximum tier of 22. However, there are still 3 tiers we need to unlock as well, which will bring us to a final maximum tier of 25. The way to unlock the tiers of your item’s inherent legacy is with Star-lit Crystals or by unlocking them directly with 29 Mithril coins.

Very Shiny!

The rest of our item’s seven legacies begin at Tier 1. The current maximum tier for each legacy will depend on what its tier was when you imbued your item, which is why there is some variance amongst the legacies here. The final maximum tier (as of this writing) is 35, and that is our goal. To raise the tiers of the non-inherent legacies of an item, you will need Scrolls of Empowerment, or you can do so directly by spending 29 Mithril coins for each unlock.

Finally, we can see that, for both inherent and non-inherent legacies, 30,000 Item XP is needed to raise each tier. It looks like we have quite a shopping list on our hands!

Let us add up all our costs and see what we will need for this item:

  • For the DPS legacy, we will need 3 more Star-lit Crystals to raise the current maximum tier to the final maximum tier. This is in addition to the three we used before imbuing
  • Every other legacy will need whatever number of Scrolls of Empowerment are needed to bring its current maximum tier to 35, which is the full maximum for now. Going in order by the picture above, that will be: 8+8+7+6+6+7+4 which comes to 46 Scrolls of Empowerment. Phew! πŸ™‚
  • We will also need the Item-XP to increase the tiers from where they currently are to those maximums. Each tier requires 30,000 Item-XP. For the seven legacies starting at Tier 1 and going to Tier 35, that will be: 30,000 per tier x 35 tiers x 7 legacies, so… 7,350,000 Item-XP, plus 240,000 for the DPS legacy, so… 7,590,000 Item-XP. Phew! πŸ™‚

It is a lot, I freely admit. However, keep in mind that you will be earning Item-XP for most everything you do while in these lands. There are also some new edicts regarding resource gathering and improved ways to gather them that have just been implemented to help out!

H. Resources and the hunter-gatherer

Let us go over all the resources that you will need to make your item the best it can be and how to acquire them!

Item Experience

There are many, many ways to gather item experience runes or earn Item-XP directly. Every quest you complete and every foe you defeat will earn you some. Every faction of Middle-earth will allow you to barter for runes of Item-XP with whatever coins are precious to them.

It can be a bit of a hassle, but always carrying ordinary ‘legendary’ items and allowing them to gain experience as you go about your tasks is a wonderful way to gather Item-XP. As I wrote in my previous guide, you earn a bonus of around 20% to all Item-XP earned for every extra item you have that is earning experience besides the first, and it adds up!

Taking your items all the way to level 60 before deconstructing them will earn you a rune that gives around 900,000 Item-XP and also Tier 7, 6, and 5 relics!

Another good deal, if you have extra Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth, is to barter 20 of those for a rune that gifts 569,500 Item-XP from the Relic Quartermaster of that city. You may wish to hold onto those for other things, though… πŸ™‚

Scroll of Empowerment

  • can be bought from the Store
  • can have an identical effect applied through Mithril coins
  • can be bought at the Auction Hall
  • can be bartered for in any skirmish camp for 3,782 Marks and 586 Medallions
  • can be melded by Relic-masters for 42,660 Shards
  • can be bartered from Eastern and Western Gondor Quartermasters for 100 of their region’s coins
  • can be bartered from the Relic Quatermaster in Dol Amroth for 10 Gold Tokens of Dol Amroth and 30 Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth
  • can be acquired through the Epic Questline

Perhaps the quickest way to earn these, particularly when on your own, is through the training exercises in Dol Amroth given by Beriaudur, who stands by the pool just north of the Library of Saphadzir, south of the Court of the Fount. These exercises are available to all of 100 trainings and after completing a few tasks for him.

Once you pick which faction you wish to aid, you will be given a primary task and six secondary tasks. Completing each of these will earn you a Gold Token of Dol Amroth, and a giftbox which may contain 4 or 8 Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth. Therefore, completing the entire mission will earn you 7 Gold Tokens and a random number of Silver Tokens. The time required to do so varies from around 5-6 minutes (for well-equipped yellow-line Champions) to maybe twice that for less damage-oriented characters with lesser gear.

These tokens can be taken to the Relic Quartermaster who stands not much further northeast from Beriaudur. 10 Gold Tokens and 30 Silver Tokens will trade for an Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment.

You will likely find you are short on the Silver Tokens. One trick I use is knowing that, when opening the boxes, those coins seem to come in streaks. I will open one box and, if it gave Silver Tokens, I will then open another as quickly as possible. If a box did not give Silver Tokens, I will wait for a bit and then try again. It works, I promise you! πŸ™‚

If you are still short, you can try performing tasks for the Masons or the Swan Knights. There is a greater chance of finding Silver Tokens in their giftboxes, as there is no chance of finding coins for other factions beside their own.

Those coins are also a great way to begin the task of acquiring Essence armor… but this guide is long enough already, so we will leave that for another day πŸ™‚

Scroll of Delving

  • can be bought from the Store
  • can be bought at the Auction Hall
  • can be bartered in any skirmish camp for 3,177 Marks and 476 Medallions
  • can be melded by any Relic-master for 58,500 Shards
  • can be bartered from Eastern and Western Gondor Quartermasters for 100 of their region’s coins
  • can be bartered from the Relic Quartermaster in Dol Amroth for 10 Gold Tokens of Dol Amroth and 30 Silver Tokens of Dol Amroth
  • can be acquired through the Epic Questline

Star-lit Crystal

  • can be found as treasure in instances
  • can be bought from the Store (or the same effect applied with Mithril coins)
  • can be bought at the Auction Hall
  • can be acquired through the Epic Questline
  • can be given as a Hobbit Present (those hobbits are very generous!)

Crystal of Remembrance

  • can be found as treasure in instances
  • can be bought from the Store (or the same affect applied with Mithril Coins)
  • can be bought at the Auction Hall
  • can be acquired through the Epic Questline
  • can be given as a Hobbit Present (those hobbits are very generous!)

It will take some time to gather all of the resources needed for your imbued items. But do keep in mind that your efforts will never again be rendered worthless, for these imbued items will stay with us, to whatever end!

Applying shinies to our shiny!

I have been hoarding these resources in preparation for this day, and now that day has come! I will apply them now…

A sticker truly for the ages…

We are golden! πŸ™‚

Anything in gold means that we have unlocked everything possible and fully developed it to its maximum! We are done!

For now… πŸ™‚

I. The road goes ever on…

As we continue our journey through Middle-earth, there will surely be more opportunities to further empower our legendary items…

There will yet be toil…

…but nevermore will we cast aside that for which we have labored. Nevermore will our toil be for nothing!

Best wishes and good fortune to all who take upon themselves the journey of Imbuement! Questions, concerns, or comments? Please, leave them below! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Imbued ‘Legendary’ Items – Tips, Tricks, and a Guide to the ‘Grind’

  1. And Miss Kaleigh does it again with another comprehensive article πŸ™‚ I will admit that while some parts of the Imbuement process take some getting use to, and we all wish that the grind was less, that on the whole it is an improvement. I particularly like that we are no longer bound to a fixed point number and that the power of your LI is equal to the time and effort that you feel like putting into it.

    I take my hood off to you Kaleigh *bows*


  2. This is so very, very, very helpful. Thanks so much for putting all of this info in to an entertaining and easy to read guide.


  3. Thank you so much for writing these guides! I used your guide for Legendary Item guide when I started on Legendary stuff, and found it wonderfully clear and helpful. Using this guide to prepare for the Imbuement process felt like having a good friend sitting next to me and holding my hand – explaining things clearly and giving me the confidence that I was doing things “right”. I found it invaluable. Thank you!

    There are two things I noticed while going through the process:

    1) After imbuement, each legacy now has a much higher maximum (unlockable) tier than it was when you wrote your guide. For my First Age Legendary weapon, I have a max tier of 43 for the DPS (the Inherent Legacy), and a max tier or 59 for all the other “regular” Legacies.

    2) You wrote: “The way to unlock the tiers of your item’s inherent legacy is with Star-lit Crystals or by unlocking them directly with 29 Mithril coins.” You can also unlock tiers on the Inherent Legacy with Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment. (And the cost via the store is down to 10 Mithril coins.) Given the relative costs at the Auction House (at least on my server), I recommend using Scrolls of Empowerment over Star-lit Crystals.

    Thank you again!


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