Can you spot Kaleigh in this picture?

I was rather tired and decided to have a little catnap before making my way back to Saerdan’s. I felt so protected under the branches of this fallen elm, embracing me with her loving arms and shielding me from the rising sun. My bed of wildflowers was cozy and fragrant, and I fell asleep right away…

… only to be awoken by the sound of heavy breathing nearby! I lay motionless and, ever so slowly, opened my eyes. I lifted my head from my flower pillow to see a field buck grazing on the grassy knoll nearby, so close to me that I gasped in surprise!

He walked about the hillside with such grace! I decided to see if I could sneak up to him for a closer look. I must be getting better at skulking because I could have laid my hand on his beautiful neck to pet him had I wanted to, and did I ever want to! I counted nine points on his antlers and thought of how impressed the hunters at the lodge back in Archet would be if I told them this story and brought back his crown as a trophy.

But my heart would have broken for it. Except for when I am in need, I will save my daggers for orcs and the like. Goodness knows there are enough of them around to last me a lifetime!

With Light,


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