Restless nights

Deathwulf… you for Wargie…

The spirits are around me, watching me carefully.  As I slowly walk through the caverns and tunnels, I see the spirits everywhere.  The voice appears to come from straight ahead… and getting louder as I get closer.

Deathwulf…. you for Wargie…

I enter a large cavern and the spirits in front of me move out of the way, but watch me closely.  There are no signs of animosity, but they watch me all the same.  The spirits continue to part as I make my way to a stairway.   I stop and look up the stairs.  The guards are much different than the spirits.  They are skeletal figures with wicked looking weapons.  The turn towards me to watch as their skulls appear to have evil grins on them and are mocking me as they look at me.  I look and I see a figure slowly approaching…

Deathwulf… you for Wargie…

The voice is coming from the figure… it is Gaergoth!  He smiles at me… if it can be called that… he speaks in my mind as he looks at me…

Deathwulf… you for Wargie…

Suddenly, a bright light shoots from his fingertips… I howl as pain lances through my body… it doesn’t seem to be long before I succumb to darkness…


I awoke in a sweat.  It felt like I haven’t slept at all, though judging by the sunlight that hit me directly in the eyes, it was morning.  I stretched to try and loosen the muscles that were tight, but it seemed like a lost cause.   Ahead of me, there appeared to be a smaller waterfall and the mountains lead due east.  As I carefully crossed the water, I climbed up to the other side and looked out over the wall… down below lay the Hoarhallows.   I saw what looked like ants below, busily doing their work as the day started.  I know they are only hobbits, but it is still unsettling how high up the mountains were.

I moved away from the edge and continued my journey east… “I hope there are no surprises,” I thought, as I made my way to the entrance to the ‘Moors…


Creami was just about done covering up the fire.  Chucaro had brought her a couple of freshly killed rabbits to put over an open flame, which the minstrel was more than happy to do.  She cooked both rabbits, but saved the second for later and carefully put it away in her pack.  Even though they couldn’t ask for better weather, it was still a cold day up in the mountains, but that would make the rabbit last longer.  When she was satisfied that the camp was cleaned up and there were no traces they were there, Creami went to look for the warg.

Chucaro was patiently sitting, and looked toward the east where the path led, though it wouldn’t be long before they didn’t have a path to follow.  She heard the minstrel stand near her and looked up at her.  “Ready to continue after him?” she asked.  Creami simply nodded, and off they went down the path Deathwulf took.


Silentknife watched the sun come up from the boulder he was sitting on.  Even though he sat the entire night in stealth, he was keenly aware of everything that was going on.  He had thought about what might have been said between Winterwulf and the uruk, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.  He also couldn’t put the thought of the wargs that attacked the uruks out of his mind.  He shook his head as if to clear his thoughts.  He glanced behind him and saw the elf huntress, Sylwith guarding the camp from the north.  The others slept in the wagon, minus Tracer, who slept closer to the horses, though the horses appeared like nothing happened the other night .  When dawn appeared, the camp started to awaken.  Sophwen was the first to emerge from the back of the wagon.  She stretched, trying to get the blood flowing.  She turned and help Tregoan from the wagon.  He looked a little gruff, but Sophwen had done a fine job on the sling so his arm was doing fine.  Ellenroh crawled out the front of the wagon and sat on the bench.  He stretched and let out a big yawn.  He jumped down and saw Sophwen behind the wagon.

“Let me know if the warg wakes up or moves.” he said.  Sophwen looked his way and nodded.

The rune-keeper went around the base of the rock Silentknife had chosen for his perch so he was out of sight of the others.  The burglar could hear the rune-keeper relieving himself against the base of the rock.  “Make sure nobody scares you doing that.”  The hidden burglar chuckled as the rune-keeper jumped and then cursed after wetting the hem of his robe.  He then glared at Silentknife as the burglar came into view.  “And I suppose you thought that was funny!”  yelled the suddenly angry rune-keeper.  Silentknife gave him his trademark smile.  “I was just making sure you weren’t startled by someone trying to attack you.  Though I would make sure the rock you go against is empty in the future,” laughed the burglar, “besides, ‘Ellenroh the yellow’ has a certain flair to it.”  The burglar laughed as the rock thrown by Ellenroh harmlessly sailed past him.  “When you’re done cleaning up, I’ll walk with you back to the camp,” Silentknife offered.


Sylwith looked up as the burglar and rune-keeper approached the wagon.  She raised an eyebrow when she saw the grin on Silentknife’s face and the scowl on Ellenroh’s.  She didn’t even bother saying a word… she just turned and sighed.  “Silentknife did or said something to make Ellenroh mad, but I don’t want to know what he did.” She went up to Tracer, who had just finished getting the horses hooked back up.

“Are we ready to move out?” she asked.

“As ready as we are going to get.  The fight last night spooked them, but I think they got rest last night, so they should be ok.” replied Tracer.

“Good,” interrupted Silentknife, who suddenly appeared beside them, “I want to make Rivendell before the sun sets, so the sooner we can start, the better.”

Tracer nodded and jumped onto the bench.  Ellenroh sat beside him, but wouldn’t even look at the burglar.  Silentknife and Sylwith got onto their horses as Sophwen helped Tregoan into the back of the wagon before getting in herself.  When everyone was in, Tracer snapped the reigns and the horses were on their way.

“Do you want the front or the back?” Silentknife asked the huntress.

“I’ll take the front.  The back seems to be more your… specialty” she said as she rode off.

Silentknife simply laughed and took his place behind the wagon.


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