I am not the only mischief-maker around…

I arrived in Ost Guruth and ran across a dwarven blacksmith there named Refr Quicksilver. He explained to me that a nearby clan of dwarves, known as the Dourhand, had betrayed his people. Apparently, they had been consorting with skulking orcs as they searched a long-forgotten ruin for treasures of the ancient past.

He suggested that I could fell two birds with one stone. By driving away the Dourhand from potential riches, I could also recover their abandoned weapons, which would be used against them at a later date! “Turn them on their own,” he explained, “and give them a taste of their own bitter medicine!” It was a very cunning plan, and I readily agreed.

I was successful and brought the hard-won booty back to him. “Kaleigh, you bring tears to these old, dwarven eyes,” he said solemnly. However, those crocodile tears were quickly replaced by a mischievous glint as he cried, “And now I am going to bring tears to yours!” He then thrust the beaten metal he had been working on into the cool water of a nearby bucket with his tongs, showering me with a hot, misty steam!

A dwarf with a sense of “humor”… How quaint!

But he will get his… count on it!

With Light,


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