They will not lose what I have lost!

A farm!

I was so happy to see a well-kept farm here after what Amarion had told me! I could not help but jump atop the fence and run all the way along it, as I did when I was little. I then hurried over to the farmhouse and met Gatson and Gilmar, who explained that they were just barely scraping by.

They told me that orcs came within sight of their farm quite often and wished for me to fly to the rangers to seek their aid. They had shared provisions with them many times in the past and considered them good friends.

Sadly, I explained the situation at Amon Raith but offered to help them in any way that I could. They were pleased with this and offered me their pipe. Although I love the smell of smoked pipeweed, I can never bring myself to do it, as it makes me wheeze and cough so. I could see that this offering meant something to them, however. In order to not offend, I tried it, with expected results.

They told me that their farmhand, Alwin Walker, was down the hill protecting their herd of cows. I offered to help keep watch and met him down near the fields. It is fortunate that we were there as, not long afterward, the orcs came in force! Together, we were able to drive them back with nary a scratch on the dear animals.

Afterward, the farmers graciously offered to share their supper with me. I told them of my youth and how wonderful it was to be around men of the earth again. I told them how they reminded me of my father and began to cry. So many memories had come back to me in my short time there, and I could not help myself. Had I only been stronger then…

Even with Esteldin so close, they offered to let me stay there with them until morning, and I gladly accepted, pushing away greater concerns for the night to embrace the sweet memories of my childhood. Tomorrow, I renew the fight for our future, but tonight I remember the past, which comforts me and renews my spirit.

With Light,


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