Epilogue: Orthonn

The ranger watched as the dark clouds rolled in.  Thunder could be heard in the distance and lightning cracked the air, while briefly illuminating the night sky.  Orthonn sighed as he stood outside of his hidden cave.  He could see the warm glow of Esteldin far off in the distance.  It wouldn’t be long before the rain arrived… looks like a nasty storm, at that. The ranger felt old.. he wasn’t young, by any means, but he could keep up with the newcomers.  No, he felt old… events surrounding him seemed to take a chunk of years off of him at a time. Continue reading


A happy reunion

I was more than happy… I enjoyed my reunion with Chucaro immensely as I honestly didn’t expect to return alive… she had saved my life.  For that alone, I will be forever in her debt.  As much as I wanted nothing more than to enjoy Chucaro’s company, the thought of Wargie popped into my head.  I went from a happy mood to a serious mood. Continue reading

One life for another

I went down through the Delving almost mechanically from memory.  I knew I was getting close to the point where I would normally go into stealth.. where I would start to meet resistance.  The thought never crossed into my mind as I made my way down.  I somehow felt like I would be allowed to pass through, unharmed.  There was a palpable evil present, but there was something else… something that stood just on the edges of my mind, but I could not see it.  I slowed down as I didn’t want to walk into a trap, though it was too late for that… they could sense my presence as I walked into the cave. Continue reading

Protecting allies

It felt like I was floating above myself… no pain, no soreness.. nothing…

I could vaguely make out a figure… no, two figures… one is on top of the other, almost hiding them.

It looked like the one on top had the others hands pinned behind them… then the one on top began fumbling with something…

All of a sudden, there was only the figure laying down….

Continue reading