Essences and How to Make the Most of Them


Greetings, everyone! 🙂

Amidst all the talk of legendary items and the great advancement made by the Forge-masters regarding how to imbue them, another discovery has been made in our lands recently. Essence stones, of various size and luster, are being found to have significant power, and industrious folk have begun to work armor and jewelry to make use of these stones.

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Imbued ‘Legendary’ Items – Tips, Tricks, and a Guide to the ‘Grind’


Greetings, everyone 🙂

Surely you have heard the news, yes? The Forge-masters of these lands, with whom we have toiled year after year only to tread water, have had a breakthrough of legendary proportions! No longer must we cast aside our shinies and forge others anew when new trainings are available to us! Yay! 🙂

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How to RP an Elf.

Over on her site, Doviel has an ongoing and very, VERY comprehensive post about how to role-play a lore appropriate elf in LOTRO. I would post the full article but it is a constant work in progress for her and thus ever-changing and expanded upon (Plus she told me not too 😛 ).

So if you ever feel like getting serious about role-playing an elf or just want to look into some facet of Tolkien’s elvish culture, this is a wonderful resource that I would highly recommend. Here is the link How to RP an Elf