The Dream

Story by: Doviel

Character: Andreth

(Just under 900 words) – response for Legendarium Ladies April: General Prompt: “Estel Anim”

After the Elf-lord, Finrod, had departed, she sat in silent thought.  Tears welled and fell unheeded.  Somehow, she knew in her heart, she would never see Aegnor again.  She wiped her face.  He was lost to her and his brother had all but spoken his farewells.  He would ever strive in combat against an impossible foe, and she would wither as she waited.  They would not meet again.

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The hunter becomes the hunted

Deathwulf watched the shadowy figure as it made its way through the trees, heading towards the Great River, also called the Anduin.  All during the long walk, the shadowy figure would stop and check on its injured wing, all the while muttering to itself.  And all along the way, the warg watched and waited patiently, knowing his time would come as well.  When it did, Deathwulf knew he could easily kill the shadowy figure, but he also knew that one small step of over-confidence could be his downfall, as well.  Along the trek, he randomly checked to see if there was anything tracking him, but it always turned up empty.  He didn’t know if the shadowy figure knew that Deathwulf was tracking it, but it didn’t seem to care.  It continued in its general direction and occasionally checked its wing.

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