The Feanoriad

(A Homeric retelling of The Fall of the Noldor)

Sing, O Nienna, of the wrath of Finwe’s son
Feanor, the deadly wrath that brought upon the
Noldor countless woes and sent many fair princes
of the Eldalie down to the Halls of Mandos from
that day when first far-seeing Manwe and mighty
Feanor parted in strife.

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The Dream

Story by: Doviel

Character: Andreth

(Just under 900 words) – response for Legendarium Ladies April: General Prompt: “Estel Anim”

After the Elf-lord, Finrod, had departed, she sat in silent thought.  Tears welled and fell unheeded.  Somehow, she knew in her heart, she would never see Aegnor again.  She wiped her face.  He was lost to her and his brother had all but spoken his farewells.  He would ever strive in combat against an impossible foe, and she would wither as she waited.  They would not meet again.

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House of Cats: Part Three

Just then, Aqualondo came home, ‘Ah! Here you are, my songbird!’ He spun her around in his arms, kissed her soundly and said, ‘good afternoon, my love!’

The three women Leah, Daisy, and Sherry stood there gawking at the strikingly handsome Elf-sire. Three pretty, painted dolls on display and frozen in place as they had their first view of Aqualondo.

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